You don’t have to live a life filled with pain. Our bodies are designed to naturally heal. We just need to open ourselves up to the process. Healing sessions at Inspired Holistic Wellness promote relaxation, stress reduction, and well-being at all levels.




Reiki I training for nurses. Entry-Level training is centered around the origins and ideals of Reiki.




Did you know that the most common inspiration for attending any Reiki class is for personal development? Many that go on to Reiki Master Teacher level have embraced this healing art for their personal well-being and practice self-care daily.

Customer Reviews

Was the instructor knowledgeable about the material presented?``She also claimed to NOT know everything which made me more comfortable and that she was trustworthy.``

Jennifer from Danielsville


I liked the class interaction the most.

Christine from Mt. Wolf

What did you like most about the class?``No judgement, open discussions and felt like a safe space.``

Becky from Lancaster


When John of Lancaster was asked about the Business of Ethics class his reply was: ``My expectations were great to begin with...Beth just made them greater.`` She answered all the questions brilliantly.

John is from Lancaster