Pain or Comfort – Which do you REALLY want?

Pain or Comfort – Which do you REALLY want?

Nobody wants to be sick or in pain, right?

Everybody wants to be healthy, happy and comfortable – or do we?

Well, then why do we hold onto dis-eases even when it is harmful?


Here are a few questions:

  • What purpose does being ill serve for you?  What are the benefits of being sick?
    • Are you able to avoid a situation that is stressful?
    • Are you treated differently by your loved ones?
    • Do you feel like you are being cared for in a special way?
  • Is there inner wisdom and teachings to gain?
    • What is the lesson that can be learned?
    • Is it a teaching that you are ready and willing to receive?
  • How can some people live with the same condition you have and breeze right through it?
    • Do they have a higher tolerance for pain?
    • Are they stronger than you?
    • Do they have more advanced medical care?
  • Why me, why am I being punished with this horrible condition?
    • Is it an opportunity for profound spiritual awakening?
    • An opportunity to clear old patterns and beliefs?
    • Is it really punishment or a gift?
  • What role are you playing in manifesting your pain and illness?
    • How could you possibly be contributing to your disease?
    • Are you comfortable being a victim of circumstances?
    • Do you hope for relief do not feel empowered to participate in your well-being?

Some of these questions may not sit well with you, and that is okay.  However, if you really allow your soul to explore these questions, what answers would your higher self have to offer?


How Dare You!-You may say “How dare you ask such questions?”.

Where does my audacity come from?

In 2004 I had the great FORTUNE of being involved in an auto accident that re-directed my life.  I eventually was able to address these questions personally but not until I had gleaned the wisdom from the circumstances I had created.

My pain was the way I could best receive the teaching.  You see, I am brilliantly stubborn and a self-professed survivor.  What this meant in my healing is that I was going to need the hammer since the feather was not getting my attention.

As I addressed the old patterns, the ego and the reasons that being in pain were of benefit to me; I soon began to feel better.  As I opened the window to my soul so my higher self could be awakened; my body began to feel more and more comfortable.

So, if  you choose, with an honest connection to your higher self; review the questions again.

“The sick must heal themselves, for the truth is in them.” ~ A Course in Miracles, Chapter 11:3:14

Blessings for the highest and best!


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