Forgive and Forget (Part 2)

Forgive and Forget (Part 2)

In case you missed last week’s post – it was all about forgiveness. You can read it here: Forgive and Forget

And now on to forgetting …

OK, I get that maybe with some practice forgiveness will come and I can build my path while I lighten my load.wide eyed woman

But forget, that just opens me up to even more hurt. I have a memory like an elephant – I ain’t never gonna forget!

You do me wrong once, shame on you; twice and shame on me – right?

My first response when I began to explore this concept was – How can I keep from being hurt again and again by the same situation or person if I forget?

Slowly and with great skepticism, I began to let go of a few little things. As I dipped my toes in the pool of forgive AND forget, it was ice cold and there was no way I was going in any deeper.

Could I forget the jerk driving the sporty red car that carelessly passed me in a no passing zone? Why was this such a big deal to me? Nobody was physically hurt. So I began by saying a prayer giving thanks that the driver and everyone they encountered would remain safe just as I did. This seemed to make sense to me and brought about peace.

What purpose does holding onto this event serve?

NONE – so let it go.

I began to apply this practice of prayerful forgetting to other situations and soon found that I was wading deeper and deeper into the pool of forgive and forget. Sometimes a simple ten second prayer would do; others required much, much more effort.

Knowing that the angels and God were just waiting to help me release; I began to trust that I would be safe as I chose to allow grace, peace and love to enter the space that was previously occupied by resentment and anger.

Day by day things became easier.

I felt more relaxed and confident with each person and event I could prayerfully forgive and forget. Praying to release the situation made it an intentional and purposeful action for me. Not a passive, potentially harmful forgetting. I could retain the lesson and be grateful for the blessings.

Allow space for humor and gratitude to fill your head and your heart.

Pray your way there. Your guardian angels and the Universe want to support and protect you but they won’t argue with your free will if you chose to deny them this honor.

Give it try, what do you have to loose besides anger and resentment? Tell me how it works for you. Go slow and try it with little issues at first. Maybe prayerfully forgive and forget that your husband left the toilet seat up. Or that your friend is late, again. Or that your child left their room a cluttered mess.

Blessings for all the best,

– Beth

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  • Sue
    Posted at 07:22h, 13 December Reply

    A Course in Miracles did it for me. It was a miracle to be able to forgive some things in my life. I am forever grateful! It made a huge impact on my healing after a prolonged illness. God bless you Beth!

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