Trade-In Value – What do you value most?

Trade-In Value – What do you value most?

Ahh … the dreaded debate of choosing between repairing your current model or purchasing somethingold car new(er).

For some this may be about an automobile or major appliance. Oh the sinking feeling in your gut when a trusted repair person shares the estimate for your current product and says, “it is about half the cost of a new one but: it should last you another 5 years, if nothing else goes wrong”.

Let the research begin….how did we compare things before the Internet was available at 2am?

I believe that we all have a desire for a “good deal”, even if we don’t like the process required to obtain it. Value is fickle – the worth of something we are willing to exchange for something else.

What one person interprets as a great deal may be perceived by another as outrageously inequitable.

Value is also greatly influenced by your beliefs and present situation. For instance, when I was younger (many moons ago); I valued furniture that came in a box with full assembly required – or even better – found along the curb with a FREE tag. Now, I am more satisfied with something that is durable and will require minimal maintenance. I still love those FREE deals but they spawn an upcycling opportunity and a chance to be creative.

So, what am I babbling about? ….

I found myself recently pondering the value I place on my wounds, guilt and shame.

I carry them with me everywhere I go. I expend tremendous effort in an attempt to conceal them, yet they are with me every step of every day. Why would I go to such great lengths to hide something that I obviously place great value on? Hmmmm….

What I discovered was that the wounds remind me of my journey and the wisdom I have gained along the way.

Each wound is a situation that I am grateful for surviving.

The deeper the wound the more value there is.

At the time these deepest scares were ‘inflicted’; it felt punitive. However, once on the other side of the situation and I had time to regroup; the wisdom remained.

Some of us seem to display our wounds outwardly with scars but even more have wounds that are not visible to the physical eye. These hidden wounds are the ones that I value and cherish the most.

Some leave an prominent residue rather than a scar. Shame and guilt are the stains that remain even after time, healing and the extraction of wisdom.  They fade and become smaller but are still noticeable.

Why do I hold on to these sensations when I know that God does not punish me and the Divine is love – nothing else?

What value is there in holding on to this shame and guilt?

This was part of my journey and the wounds offer proof of progress with each experience.

What would happen if I were able to trade-in my wounds, shame and guilt for Forgiveness, Love and Light? Will I lose the wisdom? Will I regress on my spiritual awakening? Do I really value the wounds? These are the questions that I spent hours pondering during self-guided Reiki and hypnosis sessions.

Bit by bit, day by day; I begin to understand what I really value is the wisdom.

What the heck do I do with these wounds, shame and guilt? They are no longer serving my highest good. They are not from God.  I need not be burdened with the weight they impose.  They have served me well, but I have other ways now.

I have decided to explore my soul’s value of these features; much like I would research the options of trading in a vehicle or deciding to buy a new(er) one. Each feature (experience) is examined. What benefit is this feature to me? How does it serve me? What value do I place on this feature and what energy am I willing to exchange to carry this feature.

When I become aware of a wound, I first send love and healing during a Reiki session.

Then during this same session I re-search the value I place on the teaching. The negotiations begin….am I able to trade-in the wound for Forgiveness? Is the timing right to exchange the shame for Love? Is there value in releasing the guilt for Light?

While most require more than one visit. Some require the assistance of another to help me negotiate the deal.

This is a life-long contract and evolutionary process of discovery for me. It requires attention to detail and vigilant awareness.

I value Forgiveness, Love and Light and am willing to trade-in my wounds, shame and guilt.

What value do you place on your wounds? What is the trade-in value for you? Tell me how you negotiate your best deal.

Blessings for all the very best



  • nancy
    Posted at 09:34h, 14 March Reply

    You need to publish your blog as a book of wisdoms. I leave such books on the bedside tables for my guests.

    • Beth Whitman
      Posted at 09:43h, 14 March Reply

      Thank you for the encouraging words Nancy!

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