Sweet Seduction of Sedona

Sweet Seduction of Sedona

Last fall during a self-guided Reiki meditation; I received an overwhelming urge to go west. The impulse was accompanied by full body chills that were like the giant termite mounds that rise up from the sands of the African savanna.

This was not going to be dismissed or ignored.

As I continued my meditation, images of red rocks, snow covered mountain peaks and great openings in the earth played in my head like a well-orchestrated advertisement for Arizona.

As the self-appointed family fun coordinator; I spent hours reviewing details and even made a arizonaspreadsheet to keep track of our schedule. My husband and daughter were brave enough to place their trust in my attention to detail or, more likely the Universe 😉

While navigating the gauntlet of options for points of interest and activities, I was blessed with the guidance of Yvonne – the angel of travel planning. Her patience was astounding as I blasted her with questions and bombarded her with our ever shifting wishes.

We soon found the perfect itinerary that included transport by steel wheels, propellers, shoed hooves and some rubber tires that were low to desert floor and well elevated well above the paved highways.

The family was headed west to blissfully enjoy 14,400 continuous minutes together – if everything went according to plan, longer if not. This was certainly going to be an adventure no matter how many ticks of the clock passed by.

The only location I was certain we MUST visit was Sedona.

As a healing facilitator, it was unfathomable to visit Arizona and not bask in the red rock energy.

As the planning progressed, I continued to research Sedona and the many services that were listed on the Internet. I was certain there had to be a shaman, healer or metaphysical being that I was to meet. After all the Universal energy said “Go West”.

While planning, nothing seemed right other than the hotel we were to stay at. This specific hotel was not the most luxurious and did not offer specialized service or promote that the housekeeping staff were secretly double agents that also offered transcendental sunrise meditations.

I had no idea why it had to be this hotel but, it did.

As the departure date approached, I released the need to schedule any additional details and embrace the philosophy of my family members….somewhat. A few days before the trip you could hear me muttering through the house….”everything and everyone during our travels will be perfect”. This phrase was repeated again and again.

Our thoughts and words create our reality and my reality was going to be “perfect”, at least on this trip.

I did not know the details of perfect but the Universe did and my family was going to float fully and completely in that flow for at least 14,400 minutes.

The sweet, seductive Sedona energy pulled me from downtown Pittsburgh to Chicago’s Union Station and even through the Grand Canyon. Each stop along the way was absolutely delightful, and so was each person we met.

When we needed help or a bit of redirecting to find our destination; the perfect resource was always right there. Whether it was a human, a train, a horse or a rental car; a kind and knowledge resource was right where we needed them.

But oh, how Sedona was tugging at my soul.

Our Sedona hotel was perched upon a mountaintop overlooking the downtown area. We found some supplies at a well-stocked natural food store in downtown Sedona.

When we settled in for the night at sunset I was certain that I would find the perfect spot to meditate as the energy balanced my chakras, fully opened my third eye and a satori of epic nature would ensue. In every direction, beautiful escalations of layered brown and red rocks reached into the few clouds that bedazzled the sky. The lower lying landscape was dotted with prickly foliage and juniper trees as the desert prepared for its inevitable spring blossom.

Certainly this was the reason for this entire excursion?

I discovered that someone took the time to create a map of the energy vortexes in the Sedona area and was kind enough to make them available to the public. As I explored the many versions of these maps that were posted on the Internet, I soon discovered that our hotel was only 0.6 miles from one. I began to understand the connection to this particular hotel and was certain that with a brief hike, I would find “the spot”.

I woke early on our last day in Sedona (only because my bladder decided that it should observe East Coast daylight savings time). I easily found the signs that said “Airport Loop 0.6 Mile” and began my quick jaunt to the greatly anticipated epiphany. I decided I didn’t need water or breakfast or a snack, because I would be back in just an hour or so.

I found the perfect twisted juniper tree nestled in the crevice of a

beth tree

red rock.

I felt as though I was being invited to join in the sacred union these two old souls had formed. This was it – here it comes. I brought a few crystals and flower essence with me to enhance the ceremony that was about to bestow wisdom worthy of a sage. I completed a full self-Reiki treatment, offered distant healing to many that I promised I would as well as Mother Earth and all her people.

It felt like only a few minutes had passed, but according to my phone I was there for almost an hour.

It was a wonderful experience but not the ‘ah ha’ I expected. As I gathered my disappointed ego and goodies, I found the trail marker labeled “Airport Loop 0.6 Mile” and consciously chose to go left; the opposite direction I arrived from.

Along the return path I observed the twisted junipers, thorny stalks and smoothly worn path beneath my feet. This was obviously a journey many before me took. I paused along the way to enjoy mini-meditative sessions, to take in the scenery and soak up the residual energy, even though I was certain I was no longer in the center of the vortex.

The walk seemed longer on the return than it did earlier in the morning.

I was seeing different mountains than before but airplanes continued to land just above me – so I knew I was in the right area. I made a call to my daughter to make sure she was awake and getting ready for our planned activities. As I hung up from the call, I noticed the time on the phone, I had been walking for more than an hour!

I am a steady pace kind of hiker and the trail was pretty easy with only a few narrow places that required my full attention to assure safe passage. Maybe my phone somehow synched up with my bladder and was teetering between time zones?

My analytical mind was completely at ease. I didn’t have the typical response of devising a plan B, or calculating the cost of a rescue team to save my misdirected soul. I clearly heard “walk, forward – no turning back” as I placed one sure foot in front of the other.

I was mysteriously void of thought as I meandered around the mountaintop.

Then, I noticed a sigairport rd signn just as my phone reminded me that we should be on our way to our next scheduled activity. Airport Loop left or straight up, and to the right was Bandit Trail. Apparently I wasn’t on the Airport Loop Trail but instead on Bandit Trail – Seriously?

After a few more minutes, I found a sign that had a map of the entire Carroll Canyon Trail System and realized I had another mile to walk to make it back to the hotel. So, with my pride tucked tightly between my legs like a timid dog, I placed the call for help to my husband.

If I did not ask for help, we would not make our next greatly anticipated excursion.

I found my way to the paved road and my husband found me quickly thereafter. I shared a brief explanation of the adventure and we quickly packed and checked out of the hotel as I gulped water, we searched for our next destination.

Even now as I review the Carroll Canyon Trail System map, I really don’t know what path I took. I don’t trail mapknow how many miles I walked or how a 1.2 mile round trip turned into a 3.5 hour trek. I did have a brief moment when the theme song from Gilligan’s Island rolled through my head…. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip….

Was I lost inside an energetic vortex? Was this some sort of time warp that I passed through? Did I miss trail markers? Or, do they just have a different way of measuring 0.6 miles in Arizona?

I may never know.

What I do know is that the Universe always has something more spectacular in mind for us than we could possibly imagine.

The sweet, seductive Sedona energy was certainly a highlight of my vacation. I anticipate that she will continue to nurture and support me for many years to come.

What unexpected adventures have you had lately?

Have you been to Sedona or other places and had this type of experience?

Blessings for all the very best!


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