Whisker Wisdom

Whisker Wisdom

If I would have known that whiskers were required to feel comfortable with no, I think I would have focused more on sprouting them than plucking and shaving many years ago.

Anyone that has been reading the blog lately knows that I have been focused on becoming comfortable with the no’s in life and enforcing healthy boundaries. Not an easy task for me as I have 40+ years as a people-pleaser and avoid conflict masterfully.

Over the past month or so, I have taken small steps to test the waters of a wholehearted no.

One toe dipped in as I begin to bring balance to work, home and self-care, blocking off time in my calendar to meditate and asking others for help. I am now knee deep in the tide of boundaries and I feel the ebb and flow daily.

I had an unusually restless night earlier this week. I am grateful to say that I usually sleep well and like it that way.

Upon waking I invited the morning routine of self-Reiki and meditation to commence in hopes that I would find the energy to flow through the day. While brushing my teeth I noticed something different about my face. I immediately leaned closer toward the mirror to examine the situation only to find that the toothbrush will indeed reach my uvula. After the involuntary hacking and coughing ceased, I began to examine my chin….a catfish whisker!

Are you freaking kidding me? Where did that come from?

Upon further scrutiny of my facial state of affairs, I noticed otter fuzz on my upper lip.

For the love of God I can feel them with my tongue. There is no way it was there the day before, I could not have missed this. No wonder I was so darn tired, I was busy sprouting catfish whiskers and an otter mustache overnight.

I am not old enough for this experience yet, or am I?

After doing some research, I blamed this follicle explosion on the steroids I took to help with the back pain in July….yep that must be it. After the successful extraction of the rouge wiry keratin, the curiosity set in.

What did this newly discovered hair have to teach me….I know, I know this may seem strange…no judging here; but I think this is embracing the wisdom of animals just a bit too far.

As I began to think about my recent shifts and willingness to embrace wholehearted nos and honor healthy boundaries, I realize that for me at least, this is more of a male energy than I have had in many years.

Could it be an outward recognition of my newly evolving strength? Nah, it must just be the steroids.

Later that day I found myself going back through some of the blog posts and came across the Sweet Seduction of Sedona. I looked up more information on the vortex site that I had unknowingly visited. Some information on the internet seemed to indicate that this was a place of predominantly male energy.

It must be true; I read it on the internet?!?!

So now my very active thought patterns begin to fling the hairy morning like a ping pong ball over the net of dismissal….metaphysical event now serving scientifically explained with a score of nine all.

I may never really know what happened on the unexpected walk about in Sedona, but maybe, just maybe there was something there.

Are there lessons that you have come to understand long after the teaching moment?

Are you searching for a way to explore the lessons you may be overlooking?

Reiki can be an amazing catalyst to aid in the exploration and application of life’s lessons. Join me in Gettysburg on September 19th and 20th or in Bellefonte on October 24th and 25th.


Blessings for all the very best.



  • Greta
    Posted at 10:21h, 05 September Reply

    Thanks Beth!! I’d love too join you, but have other commitments that are “once in a lifetime” (like weddings).


    • Beth Whitman
      Posted at 10:40h, 05 September Reply

      Greta, Enjoy the weddings and we will see you when it is in your flow.

  • Mairi
    Posted at 12:22h, 05 September Reply

    Hahaha, that made me laugh Beth, or should that be Ben?? LOL. Thanks for the invite to Reiki, I may take you up one day.


    • Beth Whitman
      Posted at 12:46h, 05 September Reply

      Thanks Mairi – I am still learning to embrace 40 something….I better hurry up cause 50 is coming quickly.

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