Red It Up – Getting to the Root

Red It Up – Getting to the Root

I live in a small town in the center of Pennsylvania that is painted with Victorian era architecture and many hidden treasure troves of antiquated traditions. I have lived here most of my life and am still surprised by the rich history. There are buildings with access to the Underground Railroad, attics full of spirited stories, an art museum, library, post office and even a specialty quilt shop.

We also have some interesting phrases that are used without question among the locals.

While enjoying time at our local coffee shop you may hear conversations that include references to hens teeth, and horse feathers while getting updates on yinz family. When placing an order for food you may find options like dippy eggs, scrapple and hoagies. You may also purchase soda pop and gum bands at the store. Nobody questions this lingo unless you are ‘not from these parts’.

However, there is one term that seems to offer some hesitation for me.11559181_s

Red up or red it up, used in reference to clearing a space of clutter or to clean an area. So, one might say to their child, please red up your room or red off the kitchen table for dinner. This could create a very colorful bedroom or table in other parts of the world.

When I think about the color red, my first thought lately has been my root chakra which is said to be located at the tip of the coccyx.

It is widely thought that this mysterious swirling vortex of energy that helps us to feel balanced, grounded and safe; a root-cellar of sorts, where our primal trust and courage are stored. When there is a palpable discomfort in my low back, it is a reminder for me to observe the first chakra, red-it-up.

As I continue to heal yet another darn layer of chakra number one, I am noticing the color red everywhere – flowers, advertising, clothing, crayons and refrigerator magnets.

I appreciate the persistence of The Universe as I am often slow on the up take of signs.

Red it up….let’s get to the root of these symbols and willing invite the wisdom to enter.

Similar to the structure of a plant’s root system or the foundation of a house; too deep and rigid and you will snap – too shallow and you will be blown away. Balancing this is not easy….I liken it to herding feral cats. I have tried several approaches that have all yielded feedback…. and cue the wrecking balls and rubber walls scene.

I have failed gloriously in my attempts to bring order to my root chakra.

Bending over backwards to please others and stooping to pick up every opportunity; walking past the grand prizes because my arms were full of a life time of missed chances. One of my grandest failures was spending a lot of my tween-teen years trying to convince myself that I belonged here; the Earthly muck is hard and I just wanted to go ‘home’.

A mere thirty years later and I think I am just now catching on. I am now ready to reframe these experiences and glean the wisdom as I red up my root cellar.

I am working on redding up my root.

Clearing out the clutter from the past and preparing space for tomorrow all while remaining firm and flexible in the present. I am releasing my attachments to the way things ‘ot to be.

I am laying down the arm load of missed chances and walking forward with my palms stretched out.  Building a foundation with the blocks of failure that will allow me to be all here – just a little space is all that is needed to go from nowhere to now here.

What interesting sayings do you have in your neck of the woods?  How about slippy versus slippery?

What do you have hanging ‘round your root cellar that is holding you back from reaching your greatest heights?

Check out the calendar of events and see what we have going on this fall – Meditation Thursdays, Healing Circles, Beyond Chronic Pain Management group meetings, Reiki classes and lots of workshops.

Blessings for all the very best!


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  • Grateful Reader
    Posted at 08:46h, 12 September Reply

    Read Sam McCool’s How to Speak Pittsburghese, it’s a classic!

    When I lived in North Carolina I was pretty shocked the first time someone asked if they could carry me somewhere (drive me somewhere).

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