Urgent, Migrating Geese and Eddie

Urgent, Migrating Geese and Eddie

It never ceases to amaze me that I can’t remember to take the trash out on Tuesday but let just five rockandrollnotes of most any 80’s song trickle through the radio and I can magically recall the lyrics and where I was in life when it was playing. This time it was Foreigner’s song ‘Urgent’ that transported me into another dimension.

While traveling through the pouring rain on Saturday to meet some amazing folks, I had the rare opportunity to be in the vehicle, alone with the windows up and 80’s music blaring.

I usually prefer to travel without the radio on but not that day.

While I tend to refrain from delighting others with my vocal talents, I allowed my inner teen to surface as I belted out every word in perfect rhythm.

I was able to mentally perform a remix in my head with Foreigner’s Urgent and Eddie Rabbitt’s ‘Drivin My Life Away’ as those windshield wipers were slapping out an urgent tempo, keeping perfect rhythm with the song on the radio as the rain played tricks on my mind.

As the Urgent verse, “You play tricks on my mind, You’re everywhere but you’re so hard to find, You’re not warm or sentimental, You’re so extreme, You can be so temperamental” replayed in my head long after the radio station had dissolved to static….I began to think about this in relation to my current life experiences.

Earlier that week I meandered outside my comfort zone and right into the craft/creative jungle to attend a presentation about quilting. A little hint, I have a needle in the house but only because it comes in handy to remove a splinter. And the last thing I have sewn was a junior high skirt so I could pass that stinking home economics class.

The usual ‘old ladies’ filled the front row, eager to explore diamond rects, spot lights and migrating geese. I was quickly in awe of the time, persistence and creative expression that made the fabric come alive.

These ‘old ladies’ might be on to something; their excitement over scraps of fabric was contagious.

No, I am not ready to make a quilt, at least not yet.

But I am grateful to have been able to see the geese migrate south through the spotlight.

So, back to the remix of the urgent rabbit…the windshield wiper tempo and rhythm was eventually linked (at least in my brain) to what I would image a sewing machine or hand stitching would offer.

Meditation in motion, but I have never really given it a chance before.

I have been in Urgent, Urgent, Emergency mode for most of my life.

Who has time for this artsy fartsy stuff, a blanket is a blanket and besides, I looks freaking complicated. I don’t have time for this creative distraction; I have two businesses to run and a family.

I now find myself chuckling as I remember what was said when the quilting people found out I was a newbie…’not a quilter yet’.

Maybe my creativity is in developing new businesses or teaching classes or helping others achieve their goals?

“You say it’s urgent, so urgent, so oh oh urgent, just wait and see.” – you were humming that tune, weren’t you.

How do you feed your soul’s creative needs?

Do you dismiss creativity as screwing off, like I have?

What does creativity look like for you? What is so urgent that you don’t take time to play?
Blessings for all the very best.


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  • Grateful Reader
    Posted at 15:50h, 19 September Reply

    Working full time, starting a business, teaching, community service . . .

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