Kerflooey – Bouncing Bumbles

Kerflooey – Bouncing Bumbles

Winter in the Northeast can be persnickety. A mild Fall and a near flakeless ending to 2015 fostered snowmanconfidence in an uninterrupted jam-packed January itinerary.

I was really rooting for Mother Nature to pick the Heat Miser brother as her favorite for January. But alas, it looks like every brother has their season and so the Snow Miser is apparently going to make a grand entrance in my area this weekend. He never makes reservations and just shows up with little regard to my schedule…the nerve of some ‘people’.

The pending snowmageddon is really not in my flow but I truly enjoy the diversity of seasons that we experience in Pennsylvania (winter and construction).

Seriously, I love the hush that a fresh blanket of snow brings to my world.

It can be a time of great excitement and can give away the answer – “do you want to build a snowman?”.  It also increase sightings of ‘angels’ and we can track them better too 😉

While I was planning to help present a weekend retreat ‘Self Love 2016: Connecting to Self Love Weekend Retreat and then head on off to Lancaster to share a Reiki Practicum day and an Ethics class – instead I will be still.

Kerflooey, plot twist – I will practice what I was scheduled to teach.

Self-love and self-care are different for everyone.

To some this may mean hitting the slopes and others breaking out the knitting needles. For me it is likely to include a book, some Himalayan salt and a flickering flame. It will also include introspection of my current course of study with Brené Brown and the Living Brave Semester.

When all the activity is done and I find the refuge of a warm home and hot beverage, there is a special calmness that cascades over me. The snow reminds me of the importance of stillness and rest. If the promised twelve inches or more arrive, I am ready to tap into the Bumble energy and bounce back into motion feeling rested and ready.

To all those that are traveling or have jobs that require you to work during the snowmageddon, my prayers for safe journeys are with you. For those knitters and skiers, share your stories and some pictures of your fun over the weekend – I’d love to see them!

I’m curious, how do you care for yourself?

Does it include some quiet time or do you enjoy time with a close group of friends?

Whatever fuels your fire, may you find some time this weekend to enjoy. And yes, I do want to build a snowman and the retreat is rescheduled for April 15th – 17th. I am hosting lots of events in the coming months, I hope to see you soon.

All the very best!

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