Karmic Compost

Karmic Compost

We have all heard statements that sound something like this:  file0002101455399

“No need for revenge, karma will get ‘em.”
“Karma is a bitch isn’t it?”

Or the one that really catches my attention – “Karma, you know she is coming; you just don’t know when or what she is serving up.”

I will preface this post with the fact that I am neither Hindu nor Buddhist and I seriously doubt that those that I hear slinging these phrases are either.

I recently had the pleasure (insert sarcastic eye roll) of being captivated by an immensely audible political discussion. There was no escaping this debate, nowhere to run or hide while at checkout number 12.

I tried to zone out and go inward to my happy little land of unicorns and fluffy puppies… aaaooohhhmm.

I imagine my facial expression resembled a child that was about to hurl in the middle of biology class. It felt as though my eyes rolled so deeply toward my crown chakra that the optical nerve would be visible. And it felt as though my lips created a noticeable smirk of disgust. Internally I was screaming, “for the love of God, shut up – just stop”.  I have had enough of the non-stop election sensationalism that bombards us at every corner.

The two folks in the line behind me continued to share their views and opinions for what seemed like eternity. If it was ever okay to just walk away from a cart full of groceries that was partially loaded onto the checkout belt….this was that occasion.

The last thing I heard shared as I scurried out of the store was “Karma will bite that bastard in the ass, let’s just hope it happens before he gets into the Whitehouse.” This left me and my apples scrambling for cover.

On the way home with my ‘polluted’ produce, I began to ponder – just how does this karmic stuff work?

As I vigorously scrubbed the political scum from the salad fixings, I began to prep the veggies and fruit which included adding the scraps to the compost bin. If you have one of these bins in your kitchen, you can attest to the aromatic and visual stages of the decomposition.

Zipping through my memory bank like the old microfilm catalogs to the Karma Section – I recalled the statements that had karma biting, bitching and showing up for a surprise pot lock –  I concluded that the compost bin must be like me.

Hang in there; I am coming back around to the point…..

When our soul has an experience, it is like a fresh deposit in the compost bin; it is recognizable. Events like an argument, a healing hug, a lie or hearty belly-laugh; are like the fresh apple core in the bin. You look in there and know what it is. However, as time progresses and the microorganisms begin to break down the experiences, they morph. Eventually, our plant based waste decomposes thanks to bacteria and fungi, just the same as time and understanding allow our subtle energy bodies to compost our karma.

So as we make our way along our soul’s journey, we encounter death, love, fear, hope, sadness and joy. My theory is that the cosmic light begins to breakdown these experiences into karmic compost that feeds our souls on this journey we know as life allowing wisdom to sprout.

We are here to learn and grow.

Nobody is perfect and nobody is getting out alive – at least not living the way we have come to know while having this human adventure.
Our struggles break down and if we allow, will provide fertile ground for us to flourish. As we sprinkle our karmic compost in the garden of life, my hope for you is that your spirit is fertilized.

May the buds of your soul bloom, sharing the beauty only you can offer to the world.

If you find that you are wielding karma like a medieval flail then let’s chat. Reiki has helped me shift from being karma’s little helper and move in the direction of becoming a gardener, tending to my own blossoms.

Let’s plant a few seeds in karma’s garden and see what blooms this spring.

Blessings for all the very best!


  • Don A in Pennsyltucky
    Posted at 13:02h, 07 February Reply

    Upon my return to Central PA, I had the enlightening experience of sharing an office with a person whose political views were 175 degrees (or maybe 185 depending on which direction you’re traveling) away from mine. I learned to focus on the 5 degrees of agreement which I think represent the core. The rest was tactical — more of a “political” (in the sense of policy orientation) difference than a belief difference. I also learned that one should never try to teach a pig to sing because it wastes your time and may well annoy the pig.

    • Beth Whitman
      Posted at 17:40h, 07 February Reply

      Don I love the idea of finding the five degrees of agreement. Thanks for sharing.

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