My Cheesy Spirit – everything will be fine-ly grated!

My Cheesy Spirit – everything will be fine-ly grated!

Have you ever experienced a day when things just feel ‘off’ from the very moment your eyes peek out from under 15268245_sthe covers? Maybe you meditate, pray, stretch or exercise in an attempt to shed the sense of ‘this day is going to suck’.

For me there are several phases that ensue before my bladder forces me to get moving.

This sometimes includes looking for the giant spider that must have been building a new home that now encompasses my sleeping quarters, making sure the stinkbug is not bathing in the water glass beside my bed and then, when the coast is confirmed ‘clear’ – a combination of Reiki, meditation, self-hypnosis and yogic breath practice are a great start.  Later in the day a quick walk helps to chisel out some solitude, even five minutes can help.

But I have to admit that during the past two weeks, despite my best efforts; it is like my spirit is parmesan cheese being finely grated. Sometimes it is a slow, irritating feeling; other times it like Chef Gordon Ramsay is operating the automatic grater in a Hell’s Kitchen episode.

I have been a little edgy and much less tolerant of the energetic shifts that we all navigate each day.

Maybe this is how a seed feels just before it sprouts?

Could this be the vibration of new beginnings?

Is this the sensation of releasing the cloak of the past to make space for new growth?

Or maybe it has something to do with the spring equinox, full moon and eclipse.  Whatever it is – I am learning to lean into it with the help of Brené Brown’s Courage Works class.

Whether you are finding the arrival of Spring to be full of joy with the potential for blossoms or are feeling the grater rubbing against your cheesy spirit, may you find the time to allow the gentle warm sun nurture you.

I have added an Advanced Reiki Class for April 24th in Bellefonte. Have you attended a Reiki II or higher class with any teacher/lineage and are ready to embrace including crystals, moving meditation and energy grids into your Reiki practice? This is ‘grate’ way to help support your cheesy spirit as it continues to blossom.

For more information click here…. Advanced Reiki Class

Blessings for all the very best!

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