The Care and Keeping of Our Mothers

The Care and Keeping of Our Mothers

We see it every day, women juggling family, career and home. There are many labels and titles that describe those plates that are kept spinning: wife, mother, friend, sister, vice-president of marketing, cashier, health care working, neighbor, etc.

Women often struggle to say no, even when they are completely exhausted and have lost sight of self-care. As a 28831082_schild, a time out may have been perceived as punishment; however as an adult, it may be just what is needed.

There are many ways that we can regain our composure, nurture our being and honor the craving for relaxation.
The old adage: take a deep breath and count to 10 is great place to start.  Engage in ten deep, conscious breaths as you focus on allowing the inhale as deep into the abdomen as possible and as you exhale, imagine that you are releasing the frustration (like those teenage huffs that are accompanied by an eye-roll).

This is a great way to begin exploring the energy of meditation.

Some think that meditation requires sixty minutes of stillness that are free of thought. Well, that is a great goal but let’s start where we are and go from there.

For most, the thoughts will run wild when first asking the mind to be still.

It is only doing what it is designed to do, think. To help calm the thoughts, imagine them drifting away like clouds in the sky or a leaf floating in a stream or even using a pretend notepad to jot down the thoughts and then return your awareness to your breath.

The space between the thoughts is where the meditation begins. Meditation is a beautiful starting point as it serves you well, no matter where you are and requires no special equipment or devices. You can learn to meditate in any situation including a noisy public park and even while in motion.

Reiki offers an opportunity to connect with your inner peace through private or group sessions.

These sessions are typically facilitated by an experienced practitioner and are usually offered while you rest comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table. Most sessions are sixty to ninety minutes long. Reiki is a gentle laying-on of the hands that works with the subtle energy body to promote stress reduction and relaxation. It is a wonderful complementary technique that may be included in your daily care.

The gift of Reiki is a wonderful Mother’s Day present.

Whether you want to give your mother special a gift of Reiki sessions, Reiki classes or any other type of upcoming event at Inspired Holistic Wellness, gift certificates are available. If this sounds like the perfect way to say ‘Thanks Mom’, let’s chat so that we can find the best option. Schedule a 15 minute consultation here: Let’s Chat

Some may think of massage as something that is reserved for a spa day or a special treat.The therapeutic value of massage has been well documented and proven to increase healthy function of the body. There a many varieties of massage and establishing a working relationship with your therapists is important. Some of the best therapists may be right around the corner from you, with studios in their home or at a wellness center. A referral from friends or colleagues is a great way to get started.

Many find relaxation in art, writing and music.

Expressing yourself in these creative manners allows you to release the tension and frustration. For some, this can be a cathartic approach that also offers a beautiful piece of work for future enjoyment. Private lessons, group painting instruction or fun evenings with friends doing crafts can create a spark.

Our complex and busy lives can feel overwhelming at times. There are as many ways to relax and rejuvenate as there are moments in the day. Explore what feels best for you; it is not about what others are doing.

It is important to offer yourself as much care and compassion as you do all the others in your life. When we nurture ourselves, we nurture the world around us. Self-care is not selfish, it is one of the most beautiful things you can do for those you love.

Remember to say Happy Mother’s Day to all that nurture those around you!


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