Quiet Growth, Silent Screams and the Potential Buzz

Quiet Growth, Silent Screams and the Potential Buzz

Have you ever looked at a flower bulb and thought – there is no way this will grow let alone bloom?

I am talking about the ones that you dug up two years ago with the intention of planting them in a new location in singleflowerthe Fall…they are desert sand dry and shriveled beyond recognition.   

Most of these would find their way into the compost pile or rubbish bin. But what if you took a chance and placed it in well prepared soil and nourished it for a season or two? Is it possible that there is still life in there?

Our dreams are like that dormant life that lies inside the shriveled shell of fear, just waiting to be planted.  

Intentions are great but if your thoughts and words are void of the nourishment of action; only the silent screams of potential will be realized.  

Are you waiting for just the right timing?  

Do you think you need more training?  

Maybe you are waiting until the kids are grown or you retire from your day job to pursue your passion?

Planning is important.  

Gathering data, completing spreadsheets and crunching numbers helps you determine if this is a dream to plant this season. Hoping is also critical, but without action – hope is just another fear-filled shell left to shrivel in the dark.  

Where does the inspiration come from to explore the possibilities of growth?  

For me, my physical body is the shriveled shell. It becomes so painful to remain dormant that the screams from my soul can no longer be silenced.  

My roots are bound by fear that I can no longer stand to be inside the shell. I struggle to expand beyond the confines of physical pain, over planning, waiting for just the right moment and circumstances to plant my dreams.
The gardener plants the bulb in the fall, trusting that while the winter covers the ground above, there is a quiet reserve of energy building even when things appear to be barren.

This growth is not visible, but trust and faith surround the dream of a beautiful blossom in the spring.  

It is now spring in the Northern hemisphere and the flora is flush with a beautiful spectacle of delightful colors and aromas. The bees are buzzing between tulips and back to the hive.  

The queens are busy propagating the next generation of pollinators as they all work together to ensure the species thrives. Each one does what they instinctively know until fall arrives again.

This all happens because someone dared to plant a bulb as the light was fading.

Our dreams may take many seasons to sprout, but if we never plant them, we can be certain they will shrivel and die.  

What dream can you plant today? 

Is it time to nurture a dream you planted a few seasons ago?  

What are you waiting for?  

What dreams can blossom if you dare to plant them?  

What potential is ripe for the picking?  

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Blessings for all the very best!


  • Sophie
    Posted at 13:54h, 07 May Reply

    Great timing for this piece and much appreciated!

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