Inspiring Authentic Fear

Inspiring Authentic Fear

We seem to be roasting in our pots, boiling over the flames of fear that we stoked just before climbing in and closing the lid.

The vibration of fear was running rampant this week.

Everywhere I turned there was a frenzied shoring up of walls, stockpiling arsenals and fortifying assets. I would 24184188_slike to blame it on economics, the never ending barrage of political ‘news’ and lack of education but…I know that it will persist long after we cast our votes.

I heard statements like ‘they can’t use my space because they offer competitive services’ and ‘you can’t post that here because I sell the same thing’.

Thanks to Brené Brown and many others, I am slowly learning to take deep breaths when words create a physical response in my body. When these words smash against the inner canals of my ears, I have the proverbial nails on a chalkboard full body shiver.  

Inside the folds of my brain I can feel the reaction begin like a water park wave pool siren blaring – ‘Are you f’ng serious? What the hell are you so afraid of, it is just a damn piece of paper!’.  

Then the little darling on my left shoulder, sporting wings and a halo, pokes me with the devils trident…breathe, you know these voices are fueling the fire. You are on your judgmental high horse…the one you need a ladder mount.
Breathe and descend – NOW!

As with any newly introduced practice, it takes determination to shift from old habits.

After all, I have only been at this for twenty years 😉  

Once the breath and navel shake hands and hug the heart, it is time to review why the words were screeching on my soul’s chalkboard. What confabulation of a screenplay was previewing in my mind’s eye?  

The leading role starred Ego with a strong supporting performance from Judgement and a cameo appearance of Self-Righteousness.  

This short film has replayed a thousand times in my Perfectionism Theatre.   

Some previews were private but most are free, general admission for any poor bastard that dared to enter.

Boundaries are good, right?  We all need to know where others’ limits are so we can operate around their perimeter, entering only at the designated gates and when invited. But what about those unexpected visitors that may present an opportunity for collaboration that has been divinely generated?

The recognition of fear in our daily lives can be daunting. While fear may play an important part in keeping us safe from the saber tooth tiger, what we have come to perceive as ‘danger’ may be more of an opportunity than a threat to anything other than Ego.  

Fear can be useful in understanding ‘real’ dangers like being too close to the fire, entering into the roadway or stepping off of tall buildings. 

A healthy respect for the tiger’s teeth may keep you in good health.  

But what boundaries are erected in the name of fear? Is competition real? If we are focused on what we do best and offer our products, services and love in a way that is in line with our higher self, does it really matter what others are doing?

Is being a ‘good’ spouse, parent, child, business owner, or soulful being really threatened by ‘competition’?
As a Reiki Master Teacher and consulting hypnotist, I am grateful that there are others in my area offering their services. I believe that we each have a gift to share with others in a way that only we can.  

I am not the best Reiki teacher for everyone and I don’t have the expertise to work with every behavior that hypnosis can help. I have a list of preferred providers that I refer people to when I am not the best person to help. It is important to me that those seeking to make improvements find the best resources available to meet their needs.  

As the “Fear” movie credits begin to roll and the crowd shuffles out, once again the doors on the Perfectionism Theatre close. The critic inside may find that Fear can help in many ways….

Fight Each Adversary Ruthlessly   OR    Focus Energy Advancing Rigorously.  

If you find that you are ready to sit next to the fearful plot that was created in your theatre, let’s chat.  

Reiki and hypnosis have helped me implement new skills and extend invitations for more visitors into the boundaries of possibilities.

I offer private Reiki and hypnosis sessions, Reiki Classes, NCBTMB Continuing Education Credits, as well as ethics training for licensed massage therapists. I also offer presentations and speaking engagements to share the benefits of Reiki and hypnosis.

These are offered at my private studio in Bellefonte, PA, Sage Continuing Education in Lancaster, PA, The Teal Center in Arlington, VA and d’EnnerG Therapeutics in Gettysburg, PA.   

Book your session today, let’s talk about we can collaborate to create FEAR (Focus Energy Advancing Rigorously).

Blessings for all the very best!


  • Kelly
    Posted at 09:33h, 14 May Reply

    Artfully said Beth!
    Why fear… when within our strengths and in our handling challenges, competition, fear there’s that possibility that…. “every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”
    Smiles on your journey(s).

  • Joan
    Posted at 09:46h, 14 May Reply

    Good (great) read. Thank you.

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