Life’s Balanced Budget: Managing a Life Time of Choices

Life’s Balanced Budget: Managing a Life Time of Choices

Last week I read an article that was discussing the issues facing many seniors in our country. One of the biggest  issues is that seniors are out living their financial resources. Like many things in my Facebook newsfeed…the article vanished into the abyss when I want to find it again.  

Here’s what stood out to me:

  • We are working many more years than we really want
  • We have nothing left over after the bills are paid to save for retirement
  • We live in a place where we don’t want to be
  • We struggle to redirect our attention when we retire – a job was our primary focus for decades
  • We are fighting to navigate the inequity of health, wealth and a life time of dreams

And then this quote popped up later:  “Life is ours to be spent, not saved.” by DH Lawrence.  

Without hesitation, I began the incessant internal inquisition: What is your approach to life?  Why bother saving at all? Aren’t we supposed trust the Universe to provide for us? Has my approach shifted over time?  
Soon the line of questioning moved to balance as those in Pennsylvania are reminded that it is yet again time to attempt to balance the Commonwealth’s budget.

Only in government, and corporations too large to fail, can the spending exceed the income for an extended period of time. 

Could I even get a loan if I needed it? What would I do with the funds I had them?

Dream big or stay home.

What if you take a really big chance and fail? Who will take care of me if I fall short? Is your life’s budget balanced? What choices would I make differently if I had unlimited resources?

What started out as curiosity about geriatric financial affairs shifted to a philosophical self-check in just a few moments.  

My self-dialogue:

  • What am I working for? I am working to offer an authentic presence in the face of great joy and challenge.
  • Do I really want what I am working for? Of all the things that I have worked for, this is the most heartfelt effort I have offered so far. It has not be without carnage and shrapnel along the way.
  • What if I fail? Failure is a concept that has shifted greatly for me. What I once feared as a horrifying moment is now an opportunity to redirect and assimilate previous teachings.
  • What if I can’t balance my budget? I realize now that my life’s budget has many periods of fiscal diversity. Like most, in my early years I borrowed more than I could ever repay and at an alarming rate of consumption. I don’t know what tomorrow will hold but I am making deposits of hope, support and kindness along the way. I do know that these are seeds that may or may not grow, but I will plant them without judgement.
  • Are there choices I would make differently if I had unlimited resources? This is a challenging question for me. Every day is filled with just enough of whatever is needed. The real question is, am I able to receive them?  

What resources do you deny yourself? What if the greatest deposit that could ever be made was a smile? What if our withdrawals from our life’s budget are wholehearted interactions?  Do we dare to be present, authentic and vulnerable together?  

What if you could lean into self-doubt, fear of rejection or thoughts of ‘not enough’ and explore?

Let’s do an experiment together this week…

Any time that you notice a sensation of anger, fear or frustration; lean in. Take a deep breath and allow a sense of curiosity to flow.  

Maybe you will find that Reiki, meditation, hypnosis, tapping or yoga will help you explore. Take notes, create a journal, draw a picture, take a walk, or sign a song. However you do it, lean in and embrace the sensations that are jolting.  

Share your ‘leaning-in’ experience, post a comment below. Maybe your way will help others lean-in.

Let’s lean into our life’s budgets and explore where there is unbalance.

All the very best


  • Connie Cousins
    Posted at 19:13h, 10 July Reply

    For a few hours I drew on my reserves to sit down and write when I felt like doing anything else. Now with that behind me, it is time to fill up my tank again by taking in the beauty all around me as I sit and swing and breathe…

    • Beth Whitman
      Posted at 06:58h, 11 July Reply

      Connie that is fantastic. Pushing through the ‘must’ followed by reward and refueling. Thank you for sharing!

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