Reiki Q&A

Reiki Q&A

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word that can be translated to English to mean ‘life energy.’  This is the vitality of all living things.  While it may not be tangible, we can all recognize when there is stress and the Reiki flow is congested. This may be noticeable as angry words are shared, the avoidance of uncomfortable conversation, or even a physical outburst.

When I begin to explain Reiki and my understanding of how it works, I often use the terms “complementary modality” and “subtle energy body.” Which is then usually followed by the thousand-yard stare or a well-intended, “Oh?”  So, today I would like to share a bit more detail and extend an invitation to you.

Complementary is defined as forming a satisfactory or balanced whole.  This can sometimes be confused with complimentary which means given free as a gift or courtesy. 

While Reiki may certainly be offered complimentary by a practitioner, it is always complementary to our well-being.

Reiki Q&AReiki helps reduce stress and increase relaxation, fostering a greater state of well-being. It can do no harm but does not replace quality medical, dental or mental care. 

Subtle energy body refers to the unseen but easily recognizable verve that flows through and around all living things.  Some other terms that are used to describe the subtle energy body are chakra, nadi, meridian and aura.  Similar to the electricity flowing through the wires, we know it is there when the switch is flipped and the light bulb illuminates.  When the switch is in the off position, Reiki is still there but not as easily recognized.

So, what happens during a Reiki session?

While the recipient remains fully clothed, they rest comfortably with their eyes closed.  This is often on a massage table or seated in a chair.  With the intention of the recipient and facilitator to invite the Reiki healing energy to flow freely, the session begins. The facilitator may place their hands on or near the recipient’s physical body.  Typically a session will last anywhere from a few minutes to ninety minutes.

During the session the energy flowing may be recognized as a soothing pulse, heat, deep relaxation or a gentle vibration.

As Reiki supports our well-being on all levels, there can be emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support during and after the session. 

Reiki encourages us to allow what rises to the surface to be released, but will never cause harm.  Each session is unique and the effects are cumulative.  While the session may offer a spiritual experience, it is not associated with any religion and there is no dogma.

Why would someone schedule a Reiki session?

There are as many answers to this question as there are hairs on a dog 😉  Often we seek support in times of crisis.  This could be in the depths of intense grief, physical pain, feelings of being overwhelmed or a desire to explore the ‘more to life than this’ quandary.

Reiki may also offer an opening of spiritual awareness, shedding light on patterns, beliefs, and perceptions.  When effort is purposefully directed toward introspection and relaxation, the life energy is more likely to flow freely.  With the pathways open, it is easier to connect with your higher-self. 

This experience may offer insight into self-healing in a profound manner.

Reiki sessions may also ease the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, dental procedures or long-term chronic conditions.  The soothing and supportive energy of Reiki offers comfort as we make our way through life.

What questions do you have about Reiki?  Post your questions below in the comments. 

Are you considering a session or attending a class but are just not sure yet?  Schedule a time to chat with me on the phone.


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