I am by no means a sailor and have spent very little time on the water. However, recently I became sailingaware of the function of an anchor.

Throughout my life I’ve gone through many periods that felt like I was trying to drag a two ton anchor. Even more, was the certainty that I was going to run aground. Floating adrift may seem like being fully in the Universal flow. However, without a destination nor the ability to employ celestial navigation; floating aimlessly in the sea of life is unpleasant for me.

Frightened, I would drop anchor and seek sanctuary in whatever port I was in at the time.

Here is the thing though – the value of that two ton anchor was immense!

Each port had a vast array of teachings to offer and that anchor held my vessel steady while I explored – keeping me from floating away on an uncharted course.

The safety of the anchor kept me from running ashore. And it also kept me in the same place for years.

So my question is: How do you know when it is time set sail again?

Is now the time to move on and embrace the uncharted waters?

Is the shore line becoming too rocky and dangerous to navigate even at high tide? What about the first mate and deck hands – is the crew a cohesive team all willing to sail the high seas together again?

While some may seek the safety in a slip in the harbor, others may choose to weather the storm at sea.

The thing is, your vessel is YOUR vessel and this is YOUR journey. You are the Captain. You are in command.  It is your responsibility to chart the course as you navigate the waters of life.

My journey is not the same as anyone else’s. Our journeys are not competitive nor to be compared.

Only you can decide when it is time to move on from current port.

While we are all on the path of Awakening, there are many routes to the same port of destination.

How do you connect to your internal Spiritual Guidance System?  Is it a knowingness that you can’t explain?  Maybe a ‘gut feeling’?

Allowing the winds of your Spirit to guide you – lower your anchor when it feels right, set sail in your own time and enjoy YOUR journey.

– Anchors Aweigh