The Wobbly Healer

The Wobbly Healer

Most days I practice self-healing to get the morning started. I have experienced the profound improvements it has made in all areas of my life and fully understand the return on my investment.

Like a fresh cup of coffee to some, I find that meditation, Reiki and hypnosis are the perfect blend for me.

Recently I’ve found these self-care practices have slipped through the cracks.

I have heard that one teaches what they most desire to learn. Or, more directly, “practice what you preach.”

So, without any further ado, I will snuggle up to the podium and run through the sound check.  

As my proverbial finger taps the microphone, I hear my higher self whispering – ‘is this thing on? Can you  hear me in the back? Testing, testing, 1.2.3.”  All systems are ‘go’.

Most of you know that my private practice is about holding the space for others while they put on their muck boots and head into the energetic swamp we refer to as the subtle energy body. This is sometimes referred to as chakra balancing, aura clearing, hypnotic ‘trances’, meditation, Reiki and/or energy healing.

Sometimes the higher self can be harder to connect with than Articuno in Pokémon Go.

I know that when things feel hurried, that it is critical for me to maintain this practice. I teach this stuff every day to my clients and students – I know this works.

I recently found myself in the midst of a poorly synchronized fibromyalgia flare and a ‘dip’ in my thyroid functionality. This power duo offered a one-two punch that had my head spinning.  

I struggled to focus. A gentle walk felt like a mountain side hike. My hair brush was full of newly released keratin, and my desire to sleep was intense.  

It took everything I had just to get out of bed in the morning.

I know that my self-care routine is important to my well-being. I know that it makes the day better and offers balance that will support me for many hours but … it just wasn’t happening.

Why do I revert back to these old habits when things are overwhelming?

Why was it so easy for me to allow these newer patterns to be released like the hair in my brush?  

Damn it, I know this self-care routine shit works.

My ‘job’ is to help others explore and maintain a healthy balance yet I am wobbling like a Hasbro Weeble. As the teetering came into my awareness, I leaned into the wobble. Tipping from side-to-side, I pushed through the pain and sagging energy to re-establish the tried and true self-care routine.

After a few weeks I recognized that Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

I am once again practicing what I preach – self-care is extremely important. My routine is tipping toward the center point again. This morning started with 15 minutes of meditation and brief Reiki session.

I was able to get back on the treadmill and the yoga mat this week too. The herbal remedies are tickling the palate and the brain fog is beginning to clear. The massage appointment is booked and I am hitting the biomat later today.  

Is it time for your self-care routine check-up?  

Are you taking good care of yourself?  

Many clients find that monthly sessions at Inspired Holistic Wellness help them bring balance into their lives. So if you are ready for a tune up and help with establish or reinforcing ways to balance the wobble in your life – let’s chat.   


L5, a Bathroom Fan and Meditation – Vulnerability 101

L5, a Bathroom Fan and Meditation – Vulnerability 101

The past three weeks have been a wild ride. As I am typing this, I can hear the song “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” by Maroon 5 rolling through my head. This verse in particular seems very fitting …”She wants it all, she’s always taking something, and now I am left with nothing, I am ripping off, oh, I am ripping off that bandage, because I just can’t stand it”….”This summer’s gonna hurt like a mother…”.

In 2004 I was given the opportunity to become acutely aware of the lumbar and sacral area of my spine.

I did some seriously challenging work in restoring the strength, comfort and flexibility to the lower 31816912_sregion of my spine. It was healed and that was that, moving onward and upward. I am done with this, fixed it.

For about a year I have worked with some minor, yet annoying challenges in the same area – a place where I store vulnerability. This time, I was well equipped with many more tools like yoga, Reiki, Biomat, hypnosis, meditation, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, massage, chiropractic, vitamins, walking and probiotics – all part of my regular self-care kit.

In early July a visit to the local emergency room allowed me to meet up with vulnerability yet again.

I had to accept help from others.

I was ‘stuck’ in the bathroom for an hour before I finally called my husband to come home and take me to the ER. If I wanted the grocery shopping done, I had to send the list with my mother and daughter. If I wanted clean clothes, I was forced to accept my daughters help with the laundry. I had to ask clients to reschedule – OMG I had to admit to my clients that I was not okay.


This is not how this was supposed to play out. I am not this vulnerable. I am strong and sturdy and I can take care of myself as well as all those around me.

If you can’t tell, I don’t do vulnerable very well.

I am pig-headed and independent to a fault and don’t take kindly to being told no. The quickest way to get me to take on a challenge is to tell me I can’t do something.

As I scheduled my first physical therapy session I looked at some images of my spine from 2007 and re-read the physician’s notes recommending procedures. There it was – L5, my vulnerability, staring me right in the face.

I healed this. It was history so why was it rearing its ugly head again? Maybe it was because it was history that I brought into the now? More lessons and more layers to explore, and even more healing to be done? Am I really this vulnerable?

Sometimes life offers very interesting opportunities for spiritual enlightenment, any crack will do.

While I was held captive by L5 in the bathroom waiting for help, the exhaust fan was running. The fan had needed some attention for months. It sounded like a metal squirrel trapped inside a plastic hamster exercise ball swirling around and around and around.

I could not reach the switch to turn it off and I was certain that my demise would come as this fan sucked me to the rooftop. I could not find quiet space to meditate to help relieve the pain because the fan was so darn loud. Finally, the timer expired just as Mike arrived to transport me.

A few weeks have passed and each day is a little better.

However, I am reminded that I must still rely on my tribe for support.

Yesterday I had the strength to investigate the bathroom fan. As I removed it from the housing, it was clear to see the struggles were exacerbated by the amount disgusting crude that had accumulated over the years. When I think about the function of the fan as it removes moisture and all those delightful bathroom aromas, it is no wonder it was rebelling so audibly. With some elbow grease, hot water and a few dousing of penetrating lubricant, the bathroom fan quietly returned to service.

As I continue to embrace my vulnerability and allow the help that is flourishing abundantly, I think about my own internal ‘fan’.

What muck have I released and what am I doing to keep my motor running well? What emotional vapors have I trapped? As I now have a quiet space to soak in an Epsom salt and lavender bath while the steam is exhausted, I look forward to meditating with laser like focus on my vulnerable vault in the Area L5.

A book that I found particularly helpful during the recent months is: “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are” by Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW. I find her writing style, content and wholehearted honesty offer great encouragement to me as I dig deeper.

I am ripping off the bandage because I just can’t stand it.

This summer is all about finding comfort and courage in the midst of vulnerability.

I am strong enough to remove the bandages and allow even deeper healing. I have had enough experience at failing and being wounded to know that this too shall pass.

What bandage are you ready to rip off?

Is there a ‘bathroom fan’ that is screaming for attention?

Are you struggling to manage chronic pain?

Check out my website for upcoming workshops, classes, private sessions and community outreach events that offer you support along our journey of vulnerability.

Blessings for all the very best!



No – My Sour Nemesis

No – My Sour Nemesis

How can two little letters carry such a powerful punch?

This tiny word wreaks havoc from the very start of life. Establishing irrational and arbitrary limits, 32811756_sboundaries, and rejection as it creates an environment of tension and strife.

Someone else’s stupid rules being pushed upon us as our creativity is brought to an abrupt halt.

No running with scissors. No climbing to the top of that tree. No coloring on the wall. No touching the hot stove. And for goodness sake – no picking your nose in church.

To me, the word no has a taste like one of those sour candies that look like it is coated in sugar and a second later you are trying to remove your tongue from your upper sinus cavity.

As these societal rules are thrust upon us, it is hard to decipher if there is a real threat of harm. As I un-pucker my face and begin to examine the no, many times the danger has passed or was not “real” anyway.

As an adult I find that I am carrying on the familial no pattern.

I open my mouth and my mother’s voice roles right off my tongue (I love you Mom). There is also the snarky tone that represents the frustration I feel when I compulsively begin to ramble off an explanation for my no but inside my head – my father’s voice is reverberating ‘because I said so’ (I love you too Dad).

How can such a small word be so complex?

I have to admit that parenting sometimes brings out the very worst in me. I have more sour moments than I care to admit – even to my therapist.

My daughter is one of the sweetest souls I know and I am so blessed that she acts nothing like me when I was her age (thank God for answered prayers). She is my greatest teacher but we still have those moments – when a ‘because I said so’ kind of no is the best I can do.

Sometimes I get myself into trouble by explaining too much.

The realization that my use of NO to establish boundaries is met with limited success is disturbing at best. Why do I have such a hard time putting this minute word into action? Do I really mean it when I say no? Is there some ambiguous non-verbal signal that I emit like a flashing neon sign over my head that reads – IT IS OKAY, DO IT ANYWAY?

Those that share the zodiac sign of Libra will understand my next statement all too well.

There is always a way to find a yes. We like balance and a peaceful existence.

Therefore, we often offer an award winning, theatrical yes when what we really meant was a hell no.

We instinctively turn to other Librans when we need to be assured that we will receive a yes, especially in times of a certain no from others.

As an adult I find that every no I receive is delivered on the same super highway of every previous no.

It is like eating the entire bag of sour candy, one right after the other without time to un-pucker. Why does no hit me so hard?

I discovered this past Sunday that I am storing a lifetime of No in my left hip and sacrum area. As I began to work through my intense aversion to being told no, by anyone for any reason, my low back and hip started to ache.

By Sunday evening, a visit to the local emergency room for medication was the only thing that was going to offer relief. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the attending physician’s assistant reviewed my chart from 2009 – I was instantly transported back to a time when I was at an all-time low.

I heard the words surgery, injection, morphine, steroids…all the vocabulary that I left behind was attacking me again. Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed from my hours of rolling on the floor, practicing EFT, Reiki and Hypnosis; I succumbed to the notion that I had to accept the medication.

Another wave of no rolled through my head.

No you are not healed, no you have not overcome this – you failed!

As long as I lay perfectly still, the pain was tolerable. But, if I breathed too deeply, the pain crashed over me like a 15-foot wave.

As the morphine began to kick in, I felt a shift in the NO.

No, I am not back where I was six years ago. No, I don’t have to do ‘that’ again.

Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better. I have wisdom and tools this time that I did not have before. I am strong enough to accept the help of pharmaceuticals while I continue with my regiment of complementary modalities.

Yes, a medicated holistic state can work together to achieve greater results. I invite the support from all directions so that I may heal all levels of this pain thoroughly and quickly.

I will continue to explore the emotional response to this tiny word. I will not turn my back to this crushing wave. I will meet the energy of no with an intense curiosity as I release the physical pain from my low back, one day at a time.

As I search for the truth about no, I set my intention to appreciate this pesky two letter puckering nemesis. Is it possible that I receive guidance in such a simple form but am just too stubborn to accept it? Why do I strive so desperately for yes?

Tuesday, my dear friend and fellow Reiki Master, Theresa, was kind enough to facilitate a healing session for me. While the Biomat radiated 104 degrees of full body far infrared thermo-therapy, she turned the Reiki healing up on high.

During the session I discovered that a self-hypnosis visualization of a water vortex beginning at the crown chakra, flushing through my body and out the souls of my feet was working well. The speed of the vortex varied as did the intensity and depth to which the swirling water cleared my subtle, emotional and physical body.

Like the water being released from the bath tub, all that I released was carried away to be transmuted back into pure energy – free of my perception that created the pain.

If pain is haunting you, join me on July 15th at the Beyond Chronic Pain: An Invitation to Heal meeting to learn more about the vortex visualization and how we can use these types of techniques to help manage life’s intense moments.

Blessings for all the very best –


Disability Benefits – What a pain in the ass!

Disability Benefits – What a pain in the ass!

We’ve all had aches and pains that remind us that our physical body had an extraordinary experience. Maybe it was unloading a truckload of mulch, tending to the garden or paddling a kayak for hours. For others it could be from a fall, out-patient procedure or accident.

Whatever the cause, the physical body is offering you feedback.

The pain is a reminder of the past as it offers you encouragement to balance rest and work or to women looking outsidetake extended time to recuperate. It is often easy to associate the activity or event that generated the discomfort; thus making it simpler to understand and move on.

There is an old saying that I have heard and used many times in my life and it goes like this – heed the whispers of the universe.

My interpretation of this is, if I follow my instincts and intuition, the gentle guidance of God and my soul support team will quietly direct me. However, when I tune them out, it requires more intense vibrations to get my attention.

For me, the whispers are things like finding feathers, seeing a hawk in my travels or even that coveted parking spot during a thunderstorm. These whispers are like a symphony of synchronicities that play my spirit’s song.

When the angels “pump up the volume” it can come from any direction and they offer circumstances that are hard to miss (but still possible to write-off as ‘dumb luck’).

My most recent experience like this was a flat tire that brought me to a complete halt. My vehicle has no spare of any size (came with run-flat tires) and I had to wait for a new one to arrive the next afternoon. But, the air was depleted in the parking lot of a trusted repair shop that generously charged me for only the cost of the tire.

A dear friend picked me up and took me home.

My husband offered his vehicle if I took him to work – what nice guy. My dream that night vividly showed me rolling over and over in his jeep on the highway. Over the years I learned that these are messages and that the amplification means I am not listening. So, I rescheduled my day while I waited for the tire to arrive.

I have the best clients – each one was so accommodating and willing to adjust their schedule. I spent an unintentional day at home with my daughter and doing the paperwork I had dodged all week. I had been ignoring the fact that I was energetically as deflated as that tire and needed a rest.

When I don’t heed the whispers or pumped up guidance; I will have an experience that I am NOT able to miss.

These non-mutable moments are not punishment but rather a redirection at the volume I will listen.

One of the loudest redirections I experienced as an adult is an auto accident in 2004. In the long run, it was the impetus to my ‘next phase’ (becoming a healing facilitator). Although my physical hearing is in perfect working order; listening to my higher self and my soul support team is a challenge. Later, I will get to THAT later; can’t you see I am busy right now.

Although the severity of the accident was minor compared to some I have experienced; this time my emotional body could hold no more. My base was immobile – the sacrum, low back, hips and legs could take no more. My body was not going to allow me to move until I addressed these issues at all levels.

Through the healing process, I did what many do – I went from one medical doctor to another.

I knew where all the local testing and procedure facilities were located. All the pharmacists at CVS knew me – no need to say, hello I am here to pick up a prescription for Beth Whitman.

Eventually there were discussions of modifying my body to relieve the pain. I had slipped into the role of victim, all snuggly and warm. If I stayed here long enough, I might be eligible for disability benefits. I might be able to receive money and support because of my condition.

Are there really benefits to this disability? You betcha!

If I continued to accept the pain, I did not have to dig into the emotional coffins I buried in those unmarked graves. I could continue to have this pain in my ass and have limited mobility but the medical folks are nice. I had medical insurance that would cover most of the costs and sometimes I enjoyed the altered state that the pills, injections and patches induced.

The modified domestic responsibilities were also a welcomed reprieve. This worked for a while but I soon I realized that this was not be the way my life should play out.

Like peeling away the layers of an onion, the spiritual awakening began – yes my eyes teared when peeling this onion too. With a long list of medical diagnosis I decided to begin filling out the paperwork for my soul’s contract instead of the government forms. Although the forms seemed like they would be easier.

Please Note – this is NOT about judgments for those that do or do not receive ‘benefits’. This is me sharing my story, not scrutinizing a system or anyone else’s situation.

At first I could only manage to address the physical pain.

I needed my body’s base to be flexible, strong and fully functional. The progress was agonizing – there were many days where I felt worse at the end of the Reiki session than when it started. But something said – keep going. My medical insurance did not cover the costs for this ‘alternative’ treatment. I had to keep working to be able to afford this therapy – it was hard to recognize the benefits of exhuming the emotional bodies.

The depths of my pig-headed inheritance would come in handy as I navigated the grave yard.

Like a spelunker in the cold damp darkness, I began to descend into the cracks and crevasses of my emotional cavern. Reiki was the light that allowed me to explore, at my own pace and my own path.

There are a lot of bones in those caverns, some of which are likely to remain hidden for at least this lifetime. Making my way through the passages of pain was certainly not mapped out for the most direct route, well lit nor comfortable.

I now know that this was my soul support team’s way of guiding me back to my higher purpose.

While the emotional cavern was frightening sometimes; my experience taught me that this is where the true disability lays. Now, when my physical body offers me feedback, I strap on the Reiki head lamp and dig in. There are times when it feels like the excavating equipment will be required; but now that a few of the tunnels are mapped out, not all excursions are overwhelming intense.

The benefits of my disability were that it helped learn to ask for help.

I realized I don’t have to do it all. Self-care is critical to the well-being of everyone. I found strength in those caverns that I did not know was there.

Open coffins are not as frightening as my mind made them; the truly scary part is when they are in a sealed tomb in an unmarked grave.

Digging through the pain was well worth the efforts. There are still days that my back and hips hurt – this is not a magic potion. I must be mindful of the journey and retain the lessons. I still have a very long journey ahead, but I am further than I was when I started.

I have unearthed some of my abilities along the way – what about you?

Are you ready to explore what is behind the cloak of pain? Is now the time to uproot your pain and embrace the flowering garden of your abilities?

Join me July 25th and 26th for a full weekend of Reiki classes as we explore self-care.

I also facilitate a community outreach group for those experiencing chronic pain – Beyond Chronic Pain: An Invitation to Heal. We meet the third Wednesday of each month at 7:15pm in Bellefonte, PA.

Blessings for all the very best!


Power of Pain: When Hugs Hurt – Something Has to Change

Power of Pain: When Hugs Hurt – Something Has to Change

Pain – that splendid sensation that brings you to your knees, stops you in your tracks, and re-arranges your schedule in an instant.

Uninvited, underserved, overwhelming and all consuming – Pain.

I inherited the gift of degenerative disc disease, like so many others in my family. The diagnosis was22889722_s discovered when the sensation in my hands decreased and the phenomenal Raynaud appeared.

After months of tests, many needles and bottles of pills, the fusion of C4 to C6 was just what the doctor ordered.

With a routine outpatient procedure and a gut wrenching two hour ride home; I was feeling my fingers again in just a few days. As the skillful surgeon and I met for the last time; he offered one last statement – sit as far back from the steering wheel as you can just in case the airbag deploys.

All too soon I would come to appreciate his advice.

Another auto accident was added to my record, this time my daughter was with me. She slept through the crash, and was safe and sound – make sure your child car seats are installed properly, please!

Each day after the accident my lumbar, sacrum and legs increased in discomfort.  It is just sore, stiff and achy, right? Days turned into weeks, something was wrong.

Poke, stretch, does it hurt here; quickly became the white coat skit.

14534701_sTake this, try that, I am going to order this test and suggest you see Dr. Who (OK – not really but that would have been more fun). Nothing seemed to help, this was not going away.

Betrayed by my own body, I stood rocking while shifting the weight from side-to-side desperately seeking comfort.  This must have looked like a geriatric twerking move that went terribly awry.

I sat, almost, but feared I wouldn’t rise again.

I tried to walk grasping one sturdy object to the next, only to achieve a shuffle.

Finally, hunched over the counter with my head slumped in my prayerful hands, I pleaded to be released from the devil’s clutches. What have I done to deserve this torturous fate? Whatever it was, I begged for mercy and prayed to be released from this hell.

I was certain death would be more comfortable.

Tears were available in the beginning but only under the cloak of darkness. I secretly sobbed as I stared lustfully at my bed while watching the sun rise.

Quietly, oh so quietly, I screamed inside my head as the tears trickled down my cheeks. Eventually, the salty well ran dry as the sobbing, begging and pleading only served to deepen the pain.

I hurt too bad to cry.

My spirit was dying to be released, just like the last dab of toothpaste as the tube is rolled and compressed into a spiral. A hug, intended to offer healing and support felt as if I were about to be dinner for a twenty-foot boa constrictor. But this did not compare to the ache in my heart as I told my daughter I was still unable to play with her at the park. As I tucked her into bed, I secretly prayed that she would sleep through the night – not for her well-being but for mine.

Life was going on all around me, at least what I can recall.

There was a career, loving partner, beautiful child, parents, sister, friends, and a new house – all the things that anyone could ask for. Like a lost soul wondering about; I moved through the routine of my daily life.

There were some good hours, or so I am told; that comfort settled in minutes after a pill or two.

It took all I had to make it to the office after I dropped my daughter at day care and navigated those damn stairs. As if searching for that last piece of gum in my purse, mental clarity and logic were not easily found.

I began to broaden my vocabulary with terms like hemiplegic migraine, fibromyalgia, MRI, CT scans, cortisone, fentanyl transdermal patch, neuro-stimulators, intrathecal drug delivery system, and even multi-level lumbar spinal fusion.

My fuzzy brain was baffled by the options and my coiled spirit was horrified that this was the path that lay before me. Should I follow this path, I would receive a solidly fused spine as my trophy at the finish line.

With nothing left to lose, the promise of Reiki was presented to me.

The trial for the intrathecal system would be scheduled in just few weeks.  Whatever this woo woo practice was, at least there were no needles and nobody was poking or prodding me.

Three times a week for a month was the plan, at least until I could get the trial system.

Snake oil you say, me too…until session five.

I began to notice that I felt better at least for a bit; longer and longer after each session the comfort would stay. The “energy healing” soon felt like an old friend as it soothed my hyper-sensitive soul.

I faithfully returned according to the plan and eventually declined the trial.

I could feel progress coming like the soft spring sunrise cresting the hill. Slow and steady with just a few zigs and zags, I was getting better. As sleep and I reunited and the refills were no longer needed, I was well enough to invite explanations for my analysis.

What was this laying on of the hands all about?

What do you mean I can heal myself?

Only the doctors do that.

Reiki met me where I was, at rock bottom with unbearable physical pain.

Inside the over-crowed state of can’t – sleep, walk, focus, sit, stand, lift, hug, laugh or smile – that place where breathing was exhausting, there was a message.  While the window to my spiritual awaken was cracked open, I decided to explore the theory that I could heal me.

All I really remember from the first Reiki class was gratitude for a seat on the floor. Just a few months before, a seat on a thrown was not possible; now I could sit all the way down there and get back up.30540098

One class led to another and soon Reiki was a partner throughout each day. As I reclaimed my power one thread at a time, Reiki helped me weave my tapestry of health. The need for pills was replaced with a desire for self-Reiki sessions, mediation and eventually laying on the matt embracing the flow during yoga class.

It’s a little more than ten years since I had the great fortune of being involved in the auto accident that led me to health, Reiki and ultimately to hear my soul’s calling.

I no longer require prescription medication to make it through the day.

I have released the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease and am embracing life fully. My life contains joy again and my gratitude grows every day. My holistic maintenance program helps me retain the healing but persistence is required.

Reiki, hypnosis, meditation, chiropractic, massage, yoga, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and so much more – are what you will now find in my ‘medicine’ cabinet.

This year I was able to embrace some amazing firsts for me (horseback riding, all-terrain vehicle tour, and travel by train). These would not be possible if I had turned my back on the woo woo idea of ‘hands on healing’.

As I continue to lay claim to my power to heal, I invite you to join me.

I facilitate a group to help those that are affected by chronic pain.

You will find it on my calendar called ‘Beyond Chronic Pain: An Invitation to Heal’.

This group will focus on inviting complementary holistic modalities into your medicine cabinet. Remember that complementary means that it is in addition to your current regiment that your medical and mental health professionals have developed.

This is a great way to explore these techniques in a safe and welcoming group environment. Private group presentations may also be available.

You have the power to heal, claim it now!

Blessings for all the very best!


Pain or Comfort – Which do you REALLY want?

Pain or Comfort – Which do you REALLY want?

Nobody wants to be sick or in pain, right?

Everybody wants to be healthy, happy and comfortable – or do we?

Well, then why do we hold onto dis-eases even when it is harmful?


Here are a few questions:

  • What purpose does being ill serve for you?  What are the benefits of being sick?
    • Are you able to avoid a situation that is stressful?
    • Are you treated differently by your loved ones?
    • Do you feel like you are being cared for in a special way?
  • Is there inner wisdom and teachings to gain?
    • What is the lesson that can be learned?
    • Is it a teaching that you are ready and willing to receive?
  • How can some people live with the same condition you have and breeze right through it?
    • Do they have a higher tolerance for pain?
    • Are they stronger than you?
    • Do they have more advanced medical care?
  • Why me, why am I being punished with this horrible condition?
    • Is it an opportunity for profound spiritual awakening?
    • An opportunity to clear old patterns and beliefs?
    • Is it really punishment or a gift?
  • What role are you playing in manifesting your pain and illness?
    • How could you possibly be contributing to your disease?
    • Are you comfortable being a victim of circumstances?
    • Do you hope for relief do not feel empowered to participate in your well-being?

Some of these questions may not sit well with you, and that is okay.  However, if you really allow your soul to explore these questions, what answers would your higher self have to offer?


How Dare You!-You may say “How dare you ask such questions?”.

Where does my audacity come from?

In 2004 I had the great FORTUNE of being involved in an auto accident that re-directed my life.  I eventually was able to address these questions personally but not until I had gleaned the wisdom from the circumstances I had created.

My pain was the way I could best receive the teaching.  You see, I am brilliantly stubborn and a self-professed survivor.  What this meant in my healing is that I was going to need the hammer since the feather was not getting my attention.

As I addressed the old patterns, the ego and the reasons that being in pain were of benefit to me; I soon began to feel better.  As I opened the window to my soul so my higher self could be awakened; my body began to feel more and more comfortable.

So, if  you choose, with an honest connection to your higher self; review the questions again.

“The sick must heal themselves, for the truth is in them.” ~ A Course in Miracles, Chapter 11:3:14

Blessings for the highest and best!