When I was younger I would wish for things. These wishes were often for things like a new bike, a pony for Christmas, even the perfect job or a new house.  The requests were occasionally granted but usually went unfulfilled. I passively waited with great anticipation for my ‘fairy godmother’ to pop in genieLampHeartwith her magic wand.

Where was my Bibidi-bobidi-boo?

At some point, my wishes turned to hope.

The most memorable hope I had was for healing after an auto accident. Feeling helpless, overwhelmed and at yet another ‘rock bottom’; all I could do was hope.

I placed my desire that, at some point at an undetermined period in time; I would be healed. Some days I would find the courage to offer yet another ambiguous hopeful statement like – I hope I have a good day, I hope the doctor finds a cure, I hope this medicine works, and so on. This hope of healing allowed me to remain debilitated and feeling more and more crippled each day.

I was waiting for a knight in shining armor to ride in on his white horse and make everything okay.

As I continued to scout around in this place called ‘rock bottom’, I stumbled upon something called Reiki. This hands-on healing energy helped me explore the cracks and crevasses. I discovered that this is a place where I could have my feet firmly on the ground.  Behind overgrown wishes and clouded by hope, I found a hidden chamber in this pit that contained a package. Carefully wrapped in a ribbon of faith, my power to heal was nestled inside all of those wishes and hope.

I have the power to heal to myself!

I am responsible for healing me! Only I can make the changes needed to be healed. Of course, there are many others along the way to offer assistance, guidance and support – we are not required to do it alone. I could now identify with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz – I had the power all along.

The path to discovering our personal power is not always a paved yellow brick road.

It may require some excavating, exploration and hard work. There may be times that fear creeps in or frustration rolls through. Trust that you have the power to heal and adapt to whatever experiences you encounter. Have faith in the way things are. And if it helps, find a pair of shiny red shoes and click your heels three times when life feels intense.

Blessings for all the best,