When I chose to honor my spiritual path and leave the confines of the corporate structure, I knew that my life would change. I anticipated the flexible schedule to build my new business. I expected to discover things that I didn’t know and was willing to women coffeeexpand my knowledge.

However, I never expected that by embarking on my soul’s journey, I would foster the death of some of greatest friendships I ever had.

I thought there would be one or two friends that might fade to the status of acquaintance, but not these friends. In fact, I really did silently beg for the energy vampires in my life to vanish – but not these friends.

We went through so much together.

We shared some of our deepest fears and cheered each other on through all the sorrow and joy that life brought our way. These genuine friendships drifted into the wind; growing colder and more distant each day.

What did I do?

Why didn’t they call anymore?

I invited them to come to my workshops and even offered complementary healing sessions because I wanted to share my new found joy.

Did I say something that offended them? Why in the world would they not want to float in the spiritual river with me? Can’t they see how happy I am? Don’t they know there is room for everyone?

It hurt and I didn’t understand what I did wrong.

Like a scolded child; I sulked in the corner, prayed for forgiveness and pleaded for answers.  Deafening silence is the only answer I received.  So I did what any self-respecting and newly established business owner would do – I went head first into my new venture and energetically said –sucks to be them. Very professional and quiet healing – right 😉

What happened next?

I found myself meeting new people. Dejà vu – one after another it was like attending a 20 year class reunion, they seemed familiar but did we really just meet? Many aha moments and therapeutic hugs were exchanged.

Encouragement and trusted coaching from people I just met, or did we …

Soon I realized that the Universe was making room for different friendships that would offer the shifting support I needed. By releasing the “old” friendships; there was space for this reunion with more spirits from my soul group. If I held on and fought to keep those old friendships alive; there wouldn’t be room for growth.

My teaching moment: When you hold onto what was with both hands; you can’t grasp onto the new.

The gem in the lesson is that I am blessed with amazing friends, old and new.

From the deepest part of my being, I thank all that have walked even one step with me. Whether a few steps or a life time; I am humbled and honored to have you as my teacher. I am grateful that our paths intersected.

Blessings for all the very best!