Learn About Hypnosis

Well first and foremost – I’ll tell you what hypnosis is not … it is not what you see on TV. You don’t run around barking like a dog or quacking like a duck. Instead, hypnosis is a selective state of focused attention. It is completely natural and 100% normal! When we allow ourselves to enter this state of consciousness, we open the door to a wide array of possibilities for change and healing.


Through the use of hypnosis by a trained professional – you can change your feelings, behaviors and even thoughts. Although it is not clear exactly how this occurs, the changes can be made automatically, without any conscious effort in making the change. The decision to use hypnosis as a component of behavior modification should include consultation with a certified hypnotist that is well qualified and able to help you achieve your goals.


Is it possible for anyone to be hypnotized?


It depends. How easy is it for you to relax? Hypnosis depends on your ability to relax. And some people have an easier time doing it than others. Also, some people can enter a deeper trance more quickly and easier than others too. However, approximately 85% of people are able to at least enter a light trance. The good news is that for most goals, a light trance is all you need to experience benefits from hypnosis.

Is it safe for children to be hypnotized?


Children do great with hypnosis! Naturally, children are imaginative and engage easily with hypnotherapy. Often they receive support with a variety of issues including self-esteem, habits, performance, anxiety and even behavior problems. However, before you get started, make sure that the hypnotist that you use is experienced in working with children. It is important that your child’s hypnotist be competent and experienced in dealing with your child’s particular issue or problem.

During hypnosis, am I asleep or unconscious?


Hypnosis is NOT sleeping. Although hypnosis may seem similar to sleep, there are differences. Yes, you are extremely relaxed and have your eyes closed. However, you have a heightened state of awareness.

During a session, how do you know if you are hypnotized?


It is not uncommon for people to feel like they were not hypnotized at the completion of a session. Usually this is because they are confused about to expect during the experience. Typically during a trance, you are able to talk with the hypnotist. You can hear everything that is being said and are so aware that you can even answer and ask questions!

Will I lose control during a session?


You are always in control. Think of hypnosis as a way to be less distracted and more focused so you can become learn how to use your mental abilities to their fullest! This allows you to achieve your goals and more control of your overall well-being.

Will I get stuck in a hypnotic state?


You will never be stuck in a hypnotic trance. You always have the ability to ignore suggestions or come out of your trance. If you are interested in learning more about hypnosis or scheduling an appointment, contact Beth at Inspired Holistic Wellness. Sessions are $75/hour and first sessions typically run 90 minutes at $113