We have all heard the pitches… mind your thoughts for they become your reality, for just $99 you too can make you dreams a reality, 8 quick tips to manifest your dream life.

It can seem like a never ending infomercial that brings to your awareness all the areas of your life you had no idea were inadequate.

Admit it, you probably clicked on a few of these links, perused their promotional wares and maybe even purchased the DVD for a home course or two. One of the latest approaches is to offer free webinars; you join an internet call with a few dozen anonymous listeners and hear all about bringing your dreams to reality.

There are many topics to choose from like becoming a real estate investor, a shamanic healer or a computer repair technician all from the comfort of your home. Following the American dream of becoming a home owner, independently wealthy or open the business you have always wanted. I am not saying that this is not a great promotional tool and we all certainly have areas we would like to improve but good grief there are a lot of people offering to fix my thoughts for me.

So we listen, sporadically for the next 60 minutes.

If you are like me, while I am on these calls I also check my email, answer text messages, listen to music, file my nails or even dust the room. I used to feel obligated to stay connected for the entire spiel. However, after participating in a little more than twenty (okay, maybe a lot more) of these – if I am not hooked in the first five minutes or I find myself dancing to the music; I disconnect the call and keep dancing.

I mediate, do Reiki and self-hypnosis, yoga, and many other holistic practices to maintain as much mindfulness as I can tolerate each day.

Some days I can make it until noon and still be in the ‘zone’, other days it is gone before my feet hit the floor. A constant internal dialog (at least I hope it is internal) reminds me to bring my awareness to my breath and stay in the moment.

“Don’t let your thoughts get out of control, you should not think like that, you must stop the fear mongering before it comes into physical form.”


I get it; keep your thoughts positive, ignore the fear, follow your heart, be real…..The REALality of life on earth in human form is that we have ‘bad’ thoughts. We experience pain, frustration, anger, fear and generalized grumpiness some times.

There is not an entrepreneur out there that has not had sleepless nights as fear about budgets or a marketing strategy run through their head. We have all had at least one angry outburst when life is just too much.

Sometimes we try to ignore these fears and shoo them to the side. Life should come with a label that reads – WARNING: Persistent shooing, stuffing or ignoring of fears will manifest a life of misery and pain.

So, we have these ‘bad’ feelings and we know that ignoring them long-term may be painful, but we are not supposed to put the ‘bad’ stuff out there or it will become our reality. We are stuck between that proverbial rock and a hard place, holding this bag of ‘bad’.

Life is not all rainbows, unicorns and fluffy puppies – Now what?

Breathe, notice the “now” and acknowledge how you feel. It is okay to say that you are angry, scared, grumpy, or even pissed-off.

Breathe deeper, and explore why you feel this way; repeat as many times as required or for a minute or so. Breathe even more deeply, this time allowing yourself to enter into the witness state, that space where there is no judgement, only observation.

Explore the emotion and its tangled root system.

Is what you are feeling really about this moment or is there more to it? Maybe it is the discovery of a pattern. There is no need to come to a solution now.

Breathe and observe. What we hide and hold inside drains our power, sucks our energy and eats away at our soul.

Feelings, thoughts, and experiences don’t need to be classified as good or bad….they just are.

Sometimes being angry leads us to peace. Frustration can be the impetus for change. Ignoring these emotions and refusing to process them will certainly lead to unhappiness.

Note to self – acknowledging your feelings and frustration is NOT an excuse to engage in unkind behavior. While badassery has its place, this is about growth and enlightenment not vengeful outbursts.

Acknowledging and releasing these ‘bad’ feelings makes even more space for calm, peace and love.

This week I will continue to embrace my strengths, acknowledge my ‘bad’ and breathe through the tangled roots to be present. I let go of what is no longer serving my highest good – one breathe at a time. As I ride off into the sunset on my unicorn in search of that rainbow, I embrace all of my peaceful badass self.

What emotion can you acknowledge today?

Blessings for all the very best!