On Mondays and Thursdays I connect with a friend in the area. This friend is very supportive and motivational and I look forward to our visits.

Lately the visits are a little more intense and I am pushed to the edge some days.

His name is Tread Mill and the great thing about his extended pack is that, if Tread is ever having an off day, they are there to help me; no excuses.

As I start again in this area of my well-being, I find that this adventure is no different than any others I have explored.
Start where you are go from there.

A few weeks ago I found myself surprisingly distant…I went further than I realized. But, once I recognized the potential to go even further and quicker than I expected; I grew weary.

The dry mouth and stench of the full body detox was obvious to those two stations away. I wanted to keep going, I wanted to cross this ad-hock finish line but my soles were scuffing Tread’s belt.

Music! Crank it up that always helps!

I quickly found a song with a catchy tune….’even though I hate you, I wanna love ya!’ was the first phrase I heard.  Next came “even though I shouldn’t want it, I gotta have it”.

I know that me reaching the 3.10686 mile mark was not what Ms. Grande was signing about, but it worked for me in the moment. ‘One Less Problem Without You’ was soon over and, while I was 3:13 minutes closer to the 5 kilometer checkered flag, I was not there yet.

My mind started to give up and now it was my soul that was dragging.

A mantra, yeah that will do it…find a rhythm and stick with it.

As a hypnotist, you would think that the words would come right into focus and I would soon be breaking the 5 minute mile pace…uuhhh, mmmm….nope,  not today. However, I did find that I was counting, 1,2,3,4…12. Then it stopped and for some reason and I started again 1,2,3,4…12.

I soon realized that twelve right steps equaled one one-hundredth of a mile (yes, this is more of miniature pony stride than a thoroughbred).

I counted to twelve again and again, it was working.

The digits 3.10686 soon appeared in the upper left corner of Tread’s third eye. I did it; I achieved a goal that I did not realize I had. I poked Tread in the red stop nose and was done. While there was neither a ticker tape parade nor a cheering crowd, I was a winner!

With a flushed face, soaked shirt and pounding heart, I said my farewell to Tread and the pack as I headed out the door. On the long trek back to the car to cool down, I heard Iggy signing the phrase “My life is easy when I aint around you”. I thought of my buddy, Tread and could certainly agree, it was easier without him.

But where is the growth in easy?

The edge is where I have discovered some of life’s most precious gems. The edge can be a place of great trepidation or the base for a great view.

Are you ready to find the edge?

Is it time to explore goals that you did not know you had?

If so, let’s chat.

Check out my website and the calendar of events to see what is coming up.

The summer schedule is being finalized … On June 11th and 12th I will be hosting a weekend of self-exploration and care in Bellefonte, PA. I will also be hosting a special SenioReiki® class on June 17th for those that are 50 or older.

If you are in the Lancaster, PA or Arlington, VA areas check out what is happening June 22nd  – 28th.

A special note to the massage therapy community in PA – the timing is perfect to add Reiki to your repertoire while you can still earn CEs for it. If you are interested in bringing the training to you, give me a call.

Let’s explore the edge together!