“Stop Rescuing People Who Are Perfectly Capable of Rescuing Themselves.

Because, how will they know their own strength and power unless they are given the opportunity to learn and grow?”

Assertiveness for Earth Angels Series by Doreen Virtue

It has been awhile since I have felt words so intensely. And they appeared in a place that is usually packed full of political postures, and photos of puppies and family: Facebook.

There it was, staring me in the face. As if I stepped into a boxing ring with no gloves. I read it over and over, each time hitting stop rescuing peoplelower and harder. Why did this provoke me?

After sitting with these words for a few hours, I soon realized that my stomach ached, my head hurt and I could not get warm. I tried to explain these symptoms with the fact that it was 18° F outside and the beginning of flu/cold season and…..every other logical explanation my mind could fathom.

The Universe was offering me an unsolicited opportunity to grow again – yikes!

I surrendered to a self-Reiki session and meditation to explore the teaching. As the mantra of “stop rescuing others that can rescue themselves”, rolled through my mind like a runaway train; it all became clear…

I had spent most of life as the self-appointed superhero that was going to save my family and friends from their own dastardly deeds. With the cape and tights ready at the next ‘emergency’ call; I would save them all.

Exhausted, I would arrive at home each night with a new notch in my belt and another soul saved. If I don’t help them then who will? How could I call myself a friend if I did not answer their silent screams to be fixed? But why won’t they heal according to my plan? How dare they not follow my advice and put my perfect plan into action?

While I have been focused on others; my own closet was full of wounded circumstances hidden behind my cape – piled higher and deeper by the year. Quick, close the door and turn out the light.

Healers are perfect, right?

If we share what we want to receive could this mean that I was begging to be rescued? I think NOT! I am strong, smart, capable, flexible and confident that the Universe supports me in all I do. I certainly do NOT need rescued.

Wow, could my actions, while fueled with good intent; really deny others the opportunity to realize that they too are Strong, Smart, Capable, Flexible and Fully Supported? How could I get so far off track, especially when I make my living facilitating healing for others?

So, from this point forward …

I vow to my friends, family and clients that I will listen, create a space that is safe for you to embark on your own path and then step aside as I watch you soar.

And with all my new found energy; my own karmic closet will be healed, one cape at a time.

A special thank you to Doreen Virtue, for her profound and timely blessing with this simple post on social media.

Blessings for all the very best!

– Beth