As I look out from the turret of my castle in the land of Should, I observe the protective walls 20341923_sconstructed of shame, the raised drawbridge of judgement and a moat teeming with the angry crocodiles feeding on unrealized potential.

I peer over my shoulder and find a past filled with anger that extends as far as the eye can see.

Fueled by disappointment and morphed expectations of just how it should have been. The “I should have known betters” fill the thundery sky.

A high pressure system rolls in from the West, the winds of disappointment gust at gail forces. As I seek shelter from this should storm, I make a hasty retreat to the depths of despair.

In the despair bunker, I hear a familiar voice say – breathe, just breathe!

Embrace the here and now; be truly present in the moment. Remember FAT Grat – Faith, Acceptance, Trust and Gratitude. Gees I know this stuff…Why do I focus on what should be? Where does this ‘should’ come from?

Maybe Hermann Hesse was on to something with his words – “Some of us think holding on makes us stronger but sometimes it is letting go.”

What if strength is in the release of memes that were absorbed through childhood and perceived inadequacies that have accumulated through years of making your way in this world? What if we could bravely shed the ‘should’ from of our slumped and rounded shoulders?

Seriously – take a look at your shoulders – what do they say about your should load?

Our journey is not a competition; there is no way it should be. Learning and exploring while we roam about the Earthly plane, our only purpose is joy and love.

We are not beasts of burden.

We are beautiful souls that have a unique light to shine. Life is not to be endured but lived to the fullest as we delight in our power.

Shifting my should from what must be to an understanding of everything is as it should be, may take a lot time and awareness.

I invite you to bring your attention to the possibilities that should shifting may offer.

Observe, does this shift reduce your stress, pain, or worry?

Can the shift be sustained for a minute or longer?

Only observing – no shoulding all over yourself!

Shake the ‘should’ off, stand tall, breathe and dance like your soul so desperately desires.

Blessings for all the very best!