It has been a busy few weeks and the scene looks pretty much the same until early January for most of Unsubscribe_us. The flurry of festivities this time of year is an astounding phenomenon.

It begins with a day that we gorge ourselves on food and ends in a hung over state as the new year begins. There is a strong stigma that floats through the air with daggers drawn for those that struggle to navigate this madness.

I imagine this is what the spawning salmon must feel like.

I have decided to explore the possibilities of unsubscribing from the frustrating rituals with the same vigor as those unwanted emails. As I search for the tiny little link at the bottom of those pesky emails in hopes to stop receiving what I never signed up for; I am focused on opting out of obligations that are not in alignment with my joy.

As 2015 winds down, I am choosing activities that bring laughter and a sense of soulful connection.

I am opting out of the traditions that I find are sucking the life out of me.

My gift to myself this season is a giant bundle of ‘No Thank Yous’ beautifully wrapped in bright purple metallic paper with a satin green bow. Each time I honor myself by saying ‘No Thank You’ when that is how I really feel; it brings me more joy than anything I could purchase.

I know this may sound harsh and you may even be summoning the ghost of Christmas past but, this approach is offering me a chance to feel connected with the joy of wholehearted yeses.

Yes to strategic planning for my businesses.

Yes to snuggling with my family and watching our favorite movies.

Yes to dear friends that make me snort with laughter.

This is a great season for unsubscribing, and a beautiful time to release the mindless rituals that are not in alignment with your joy.

What do you do this time of year that delights you?

If you could, what would you unsubscribe from?

What new tradition would you like to start?

Join me in 2016 as I subscribe to a joyful year of offering Reiki classes throughout the Northeast and embrace a balanced schedule filled with joyful journeys, naps when needed and exuberant laughter. And if you would enjoy a look at the website changes, take a peak.

Blessings for all the very best.