Holistic Pain Management

Teaching you how to get beyond chronic pain.

At Inspired Holistic Wellness, we focusing on teaching you how to integrate holistic pain management techniques with your current therapies. 

Helping you reconnect with the healing power of your mind and body.

Holistic Pain Management Techniques


The human mind is incredibly powerful.  Hypnosis is a relaxed yet extremely focused state of awareness that can help connect with the body’s natural healing abilities. 


A Japanese practice that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.  It is a very soothing gentle touch that can be integrated with all pain management therapies in any setting or circumstance.


YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL .At Inspired Holistic Wellness our primary focus is helping you connect with this power.  Training classes are available for those struggling with chronic pain, their family, care givers, and also offers CEs for massage therapists.


What if….

  1. Your mind is the doorway to reducing the pain?
  2. There was something YOU could do when the pain flares?
  3. You could have a full night’s sleep?
  4. Your story could change and you could take back your life?

What if you really do have …

Beth Whitman

Beth launched her journey in the healing arts after an auto accident in 2004. After exploring the traditional western approaches to wellness for a few years, she arrived at her soon to be mentor’s door, desperate for freedom from pain.

Realizing that the answers and power to heal were within her mind and subtle body, she began to study Reiki.

As the willingness to examine her own role in creating her life’s circumstances amplified, so did her well-being. With an ever-increasing understanding of energy healing, she eventually found that the corporate world was not her final destination. She attended her first Reiki class in 2008 and by 2012 she received her Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher certificate.

Customer Reviews

Was the instructor knowledgeable about the material presented? “She also claimed to NOT know everything which made me more comfortable and that she was trustworthy.” Jennifer from Danielsville

What did you like most about the class? “No judgement, open discussions and felt like a safe space.” Becky from Lancaster

I liked the class interaction the most. Christine from Mt. Wolf

When John of Lancaster was asked about the Business of Ethics class his reply was: “My expectations were great to begin with…Beth just made them greater.” She answered all the questions brilliantly. John is from Lancaster

The Power To Heal. Start Living Now.


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